Getting back in the groove...

When my husband and I decided to move our family to Vermont full-time in the summer of 2014, I stopped working. For the last 2 1/2 years, I've managed to renovate a 1780's farmhouse, get two teenage boys settled into a new high school and become part of an incredible community here in Southern Vermont.

And now it is time to get my PowerWeek vibe back! PowerWeek has evolved since 2014. We are now PowerWeek Workshops and I've teamed up with my friend Connie Blatchford to launch a series of Social Media Bootcamps and have starting doing some social media and productivity coaching.

Getting back in the groove isn't always easy, especially when you've taken a couple years off. Here are a three things I think have helped me get back into action. Maybe they can inspire you too.

1. I'm not trying to do it alone. Deciding to work with Connie has been one of the best decisions I could have made. Not only is she smart, talented and super fun to work with, but she's a wonderful sounding board and co-decision maker. It's been much easier to get back into action because I have a partner in crime and not every decision is up to me alone.

2. I'm working local. The fact that we are doing hands-on training for local business owners and non-profit leaders in our community is so invigorating! It's energizing and reaffirming to bump into people who have signed up for our workshops or people I've coached who've already had great results. The community support is fabulous when you're working local.

3. We're starting simple. Connie and I are offering one workshop topic and individual coaching to start. We're not trying to offer something for everyone out of the starting gate. There are so many other workshops we know we can offer, but starting simple has kept us focused and energized without feeling overwhelmed. As we learn more about the needs of the business owners in our community, we can expand our course offerings.

So if you're working to get back into the groove with a business endeavor, consider finding a great partner, working local and starting simple. Make it a PowerWeek!

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