1. Plan

    • Set up your week
    • Track your progress
    • Stay Focused
  2. Share

    • Connect with others
    • Build Accountability
    • Support your team
  3. Grow

    • Build confidence
    • Overcome fears
    • Get more done

What's PowerWeek.com all about?

It's no secret...

When you share your goals and intentions with others, you are more likely to follow through. At PowerWeek.com, we help you build accountability and increase your personal activity by giving you a simple way to share your weekly intentions with team members. We are the “nudge & grow” accountability program for teams in network marketing and direct sales.

PowerWeek.com is a way for independent consultants working from home to set weekly activity targets, get focused, overcome fears, build confidence, and get more done. PowerWeek.com's smart steps approach ignites the potential of your team, increases their productivity, and reduces stress in business and at home.

Dawn, Independent Exec. Director, Thirty-One Gifts

PowerWeek.com allowed me to support my Rising Stars in reaching for their goals without adding additional work to their plate. It helped them feel more focused and balanced.
Dawn, Independent Exec. Director, Thirty-One Gifts

PowerWeek membership benefits you and your team

Set your intentions & get into activity

  • Weekly Planning Tools
  • Long Term Goal Setting
  • Personal & Business profile
  • Inspirational Word Power and Word Clouds
  • Personal Notebook
  • Secure Sharing with others
  • Personal Activity Reports
  • Daily "nudge" emails to keep you on track

Coach confidently & duplicate success

  • Support your team with secure Sharing Relationships
  • View Personal Activity Reports for team members
  • View Activity Forecasts for team members
  • Take Notes related to team members
  • Create Groups with custom Tags
  • View Weekly Summary Reports by Tag Groups
  • Generate Activity Leaderboard reports
  • Run Activity Forecast Summary Reports by Tag Group
Caroline, Independent Consultant & Area Manager, Arbonne International

My team participated in an 8-week accountability group call using PowerWeek. After a couple of weeks, I felt myself getting into a pattern and started to welcome the nudges. As I was doing my activity, I was plugging it in, checking the boxes, and it felt great. This is a valuable tool for anyone building a business and looking to strengthen connections with their team.
Caroline, Independent Consultant & Area Manager, Arbonne International

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